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There are many benefits of hardwood, here are some to consider.

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Footprints Floors customers are often surprised to hear that the price of hardwood floors is not much higher than a mid-grade carpet. And that is just the beginning of the good news! Once you install your hardwood floors, they can last a lifetime. With proper maintenance and care, you will never have to purchase another floor covering again. Hardwood floors also greatly increase the value of your home.  And in the event of a dishwasher/washing machine/toilet/etc. leak, you need only to replace a portion of your wood floors rather than incur the inconvenience, stress and expense of replacing an entire floor covering.





At Footprints Floors, we absolutely love the natural cleanliness and health benefits of hardwood floors. When a

hardwood floor is clean, it is CLEAN.  Beneath other flooring, such as carpet, you may find a haven for allergens, bacteria, dust and debris. Hardwood offers an easy to clean surface that is free of worry for yourself and your family for many, many years.

Wood is a sustainable resource.  Oak floors (the most common wood pictured when one refers to hardwood floors) are affordable for a reason: wood is not in shortage these days. Statistics from the U.S. Forest Service show that nearly twice as much hardwood timber is added through new growth as is harvested. Additionally, the sanding, sealing, and water-based finishing products we use are made by an ecologically sound company.

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Day to Day:

Your day to day cleaning of your Footprints Floors hardwood floor is simple… just vacuum at the “hard floor” setting to get rid of all dust, debris, dirt, etc.  You may also choose to just sweep with a soft bristled broom or use a product such as a Swiffer® Dry Mop.  An average household should only need to mop (never wet mop) once every week or possibly even every other week. If you have indoor/outdoor pets and/or kids who like to track the outdoors, indoors, you may need to mop more often.

Extended Care:

Screen and Coat – Every 2 to 4 years Footprints Floors recommends a Screen and Coat procedure to maintain the luster and longevity of your floor.

Refinishing Damaged Hardwood Floors – After about 7-12 years, hardwood floors may need a full sanding and refinish.  If so, we’re happy to give you a good deal on this or any other of our maintenance procedures.


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