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  • Green Cleaning Carpets: Environmentally Friendly Household Hacks

    Keeping your carpet floor dirt and spot-free can be a very cumbersome job. Stains can be particularly difficult to remove especially if they’ve set for a certain period of time. But there are multiple carpet cleaning methods and approaches to choose from. There are professionals that are specially trained in carpet cleaning, and they make use […]

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  • How Ceramic Tile Floors are Made

    The use of tiles dates back to centuries ago—from the time of Assyrians to the Babylonians and Egyptians. The famous pyramids of Egypt, for instance, were adorned with intricately designed glazed tiles. In modern times, it is mass-produced for use in any major establishment worldwide. There have also been advances in the manufacturing process. Far […]

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  • Hardwood Floors and Adhesives

    We can’t all afford hand-scraped Amish flooring, or the grandiose stone slabs and mosaic tiles of ancient Egyptians in our homes. And we’ve come a long way since living on sand, letting trash and food collect on the floor until it was time to sweep the clumps out the front door of our modest huts. […]

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  • What You Can Learn About Flooring from Real Estate Agents

    If you have time, you can shop every day after work until you have found your dream house. But if you have a busy schedule, you can save time by signing up for an agent, who will labor to find the home that matches your preferences. For example, if you were looking for a home […]

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  • Colorado Cities With New Homes Being Built

    Colorado is among the most popular States to reside with its diversified geography. It ranges from plains, desert with enormous sand dunes, alpine mountains, deep canyons to granite and sandstone formations. If you are planning to move to Colorado and purchase a new home but uncertain about which city to live, the following info can […]

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  • Flooring Options For Your Dining Room

    The dining room for many homeowners is a place where the family gathers for bonding over traditional meals. It’s where we catch up after a long day, just before everyone heads to the living room for TV or their bedrooms for homework. It is also the area that is vulnerable to spilled liquid and food […]

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  • Trends In Hardwood Flooring Choices

    Based on the Annual Builder Practices Survey, the hottest trends in home construction this year specifically on flooring consider carpet floors as the top pick for bedrooms while hardwood comes second choice for living room and kitchen and the ceramic tile for the bathroom comes third. The “great room” concept wherein a big space is […]

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  • Common Concerns About Hardwood Flooring (that we can help you with)

    It is a fact that hardwood floors are durable with an impressive and irresistible aesthetic appeal. The benefits of installing hardwood flooring surely outweigh its problems. It matches well with any décor or wall due to its neutrality. Cleaning is relatively simple, easy and quick. However, there are some common problems that are associated with […]

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  • Issues with Hardwood Floors When it Gets Cold

    During winter while we prepare to enjoy the holidays with our family and friends, the cold temperature will bring to mind some problems that could affect our homes. When the winter months are coming it is best to anticipate their effects on our house, backyard, and on our floor.   Managing the floors properly by […]

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  • The Benefits of hardwood over carpet

    Price, comfort, design, and sustainability are all factors to consider when deciding whether to use hardwood or carpet in your home or office. The use of carpet or hardwood poses advantages and disadvantages as well as some benefits that go with installing them. Price A carpet is priced at around $3 to $5 per square […]

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